Service Recipient Says

Guests are all made comfortable and confident that they are in the right place. Once they see how we can help, they have so much confidence in our team that they will refer friends and family. Here’s what they say!
SB Satisfied Client

Dr. Lyons has been my Chiropractor for almost two years now, and under his care, I’m not only the healthiest I’ve ever been, but I’ve learned what a truly compassionate Doctor should be like. I wish they were all as hard working and as caring as him!

Johnathan L Satisfied Client

I had previously never had chiropractic care before meeting Dr. Lyons, but after our initial consultation I felt at ease and wanted to see if he could do anything for my low back pain. Wow I’m so glad I did! He made time for me regularly until my symptoms began to diminish and then created a care plan that kept my back pain from returning. Great doctor, highly recommend!

Doug E Satisfied Client

It is frustrating to be hurting and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After today’s session, I felt that I can start running again.

Angela G Satisfied Client

When I came into see the chiropractor, I couldn’t walk without pain. I was not able to raise my left arm, not able to take care of my sick mother or do any housework. After a couple adjustments I am able to raise my arm and praise the Lord, take care of my mother and our home.

Vickey W. Satisfied Client

I have had problems with headaches for 10+ years. I saw medical professionals many times with no relief. After coming for two or three visits, my headaches are gone and I feel fine.

Chelsea Satisfied Client

I started as a patient as a chiropractic student and was really impressed with him and the different techniques that he incorporated. He used the tools he learned in school and put them together in a way that helped me and my personal situation. Being a chiropractic patient for 5 years I have struggled with low back pain and hip pain and as I have had a ton of success, I have not met too many chiropractors that were very confident in adjusting my children. As I got to know Dr. Lyons, he expressed that he would absolutely see my children. My children and I looked forward to our appointments with Dr. Lyons and on a particular occasion my daughter even gave him a flower outside his office. He’s great with kids and made them feel comfortable every visit. Thank you Dr. Sean for our great adjustments and a fun positive environment!

Danielle D. Satisfied Client

Receiving Chiropractic care from Sean impacted my life in several ways. I participated in dance for over 16 years and performed through countless injuries without understanding the importance of being adjusted and well rested. I developed chronic hip pain and suffered from dysmenorrhea for over four years after I stopped dancing as often as I had been in high school. After going to Sean to get adjusted on a regular basis I noticed a dramatic shift in the function of my entire body. The severity of hip joint pain I had grown accustomed to decreased dramatically AND my symptoms of dysmenorrhea were greatly diminished! Whenever I have the chance to have my nervous system checked by Sean I will always take advantage of it.

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